Conversion Community School Sponsorship Application Process 

The Tri-County Educational Service will consider sponsorship of a proposed Conversion Community School whose focus falls within parameters of the Tri-County ESC Community School’s  mission statement, “To provide a school choice option for students within the Tri-County area through the sponsorship of conversion community schools whose programs focus on identified needs of student populations in the areas of academics, attendance, and social/emotional behavior which are creating barriers to their achieving success and for whom the traditional school environment has not been effective in addressing these needs”, and adheres to Board Policy 2451 regarding the authorization of sponsorship.

A written application is required for any new or replicated conversion school or a change of sponsorship for an existing conversion school. The applications process is comprised of multiple phases and adheres to a strict timelines.

New School Pre-Application Form
Replicated School Application Forms

The acceptance of sponsorship applications is dependent upon the sponsor status with ODE and/or the capacity to provide effective oversight, monitoring and technical assistance based on the number of school already under sponsorship.

*Effective October 1, 2016 the Tri-County Educational Service Center is not accepting applications for conversion community school sponsorships.