Governing Board

Tri-County Educational Service Center

Board of Education 2022

District 1

Susie Lawson (Vice President)

Represents Chippewa and Green Locals
Appointee to WCSCC


District 2

Nathan Stutz

Represents Dalton and Southeast Local


District 3

Willard Welch

Represents Mapleton Local Schools



District 4

James Bargar

Represents Hilldale
Appointee to ACWHCC


District 5

Ann Tschantz

Represents Norwayne and Green Local Schools
Appointee to WCSCC



District 6

Chad Boreman

Represents Triway and Northwestern Local Schools



District 7

Earl Rhamy

Represents Southeast and Triway Local Schools



District 8

Forrest Chanay

Represents West Holmes Local Schools
Appointee to ACWHCC



District 9

John Burkey (President)

Represents East Holmes Local Schools