Community Schools

Mission Statement

To provide a school choice option for students within the Tri-County area through the sponsorship of conversion community schools whose programs focus on identified needs of student populations in the areas of academics, attendance, and social/emotional behavior which are creating barriers to their achieving success and for whom the traditional school environment has not been effective in addressing these needs.

The sponsorship of conversion community schools falls within the mission of the Tri-County Educational Service Center to lead all individuals and agencies impacted by the services of the Educational Service Center through the 21st century by providing innovative and quality educational services which meet changing individual and collective needs. As a part of those collective needs is the recognition that regular school programs may not be appropriate for all students and that certain students may need special programs to help them overcome attendance, academic, and/or behavioral problems.

To assist in addressing those needs Tri-County Educational Service Center sponsors three conversion community schools. two of which are designated as Drop Out Prevention Recovery (DOPR) and one which targets services for at-risk student in grades 7-12 who have been unable to achieve a high school diploma in the traditional school setting and/or whose societal beliefs limit participation in public education beyond a certain grade level.

These three schools are Ashland County Community Academy, Beacon Hill Community School, and Liberty Preparatory School each of which provides educational programs for specific student populations which have been identified by the districts within the tri-county areas as being in need of additional educational choice options.



For information regarding programs and enrollment please contact:

Ashland County Community Academy - Shannon Lusk, MSCIN,  Head District Administrator (419) 903-0295
Beacon Hill Community School - Joy Zuecher-Pile, Superintendent (330) 359-5600
Liberty Preparatory School - Jenna Parnell, Principal (330) 669-0055