Liberty Preparatory School (2013)


"The mission of Liberty Preparatory School is to serve the needs of students and their families by providing innovative and supportive education solutions that are focused on academic success and the unique needs of each student."



Liberty Preparatory School is a conversion community school which is designated as a dropout prevention recovery (DOPR) school.

Liberty Preparatory School serves students in grades 7-12.

Students experience traditional classroom instruction aligned with standards-based approach enhanced with blended learning opportunities.

A dedicated staff guides and encourages students to reach their maximum potential.


Contact Information

Liberty Preparatory School
243 Milton Street
Smithville, Ohio 44677
P: (330) 669-0055

Brian Hessey, Director
Sandy Hadsell, Treasurer
Misty Hansen, Board President
Cameron Manesse
Matthew Brown
Helen Bartashus
Justin Chenevey



School Calendar


Board Meeting Dates

The Regular November Meeting of the Liberty Preparatory School Governing Board has been rescheduled for Thursday, November 16, 2017 at Smithville United Methodist Church, 243 N Milton St, Smithville, OH 44677. The Meeting will begin at 3:30 PM.


Board Meeting Minutes
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